API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)


What are Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ?


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the biologically active components in a drug that produce the intended therapeutic effect. They are the key chemical substances responsible for the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of a medical condition. APIs are typically combined with excipients (inactive ingredients) to create a final dosage form, such as tablets, capsules, or injections, which can be administered to patients. It’s important for APIs to meet strict quality and purity standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of the final pharmaceutical product.

In the pharmaceutical industry, managing the supply chain of APIs is crucial. This involves tracking the production, transportation and storage of these essential ingredients to ensure the timely and safe production of pharmaceutical products. We are sourcing APIs from various manufacturers around the world and we can help you in logistics which involve careful handling and compliance with regulatory standards. Our APIs are listed below


Aciclovir (FDA)Meclozine HCL (FDA)
Adriacin HCL (FDA)Mesnaum (FDA)
Bleomycin sulfate (FDA)Meropenem(DMF)
Bumetanide (FDA)Methacycline HCL (DMF/GMP)
Carbamazepine(FDA)Mitomycin ( FDA)
Capecitabine (DMF)Naproxen/ Sodium salt (GMP/FDA/COS)
Clindamycin Phosphate( FDA)Nabumetone (FDA)
Clozapine (FDA)Pemirolast Potassium (TDP)
Colistin Sulfate (GMP)Phentolamine Mesylate (GMP)
Cyclosporin A (FDA)Piracetam (DMF/GMP)
Danazol (GMP/DMF)Ramantadine( FDA)
Daunomycin HCL( FDA)Ribavirin (FDA)
Deoxycyline (FDA)Rimonabant (TDP)
Deltamine (FDA)Sibutramine HCl
Dobutamine HCL (FDA)Simvastatin (FDA)
Ebastine (GMP)Sirolimus (FDA)
Etoposide( FDA)Sisomicin (GMP)
Fluorouracil deoxyriboside( FDA)Sodium Prasterone Sulfate (GMP)
Fluorfenicol( FDA)Sofosbuvir
Felodipine (DMF/GMP)Sulfalene(DMF)
Fosphenytoin sodium (FDA)Tacrolimus (FDA)
Gemfibrozil (FDA)Tenoxicam (TDP)
Gliclazide(FDA)Terfenadine (GMP)
Hydrocortisone /Acetate /Butyrate/ Hemisuccinate /Sodium (FDA)Thiophosphoramide (FDA)
Irinotecan (FDA)Topotecan (DMF)
Isoniazid (DMF)Tobramycin base( FDA)
Ifosfamide (FDA) Ivermectin (FDA)Troxerutin (DMF/GMP)
LedipasvirUbenimex (GMP/DMF)
Levonorgestrel /Butanoate (DMF/GMP)Vecuronium (FDA)
Lincomycin HCL (FDA)Vitamin D2 (GMP/ COS)
Lornoxicam (TDP) Loxoprofen(GMP)Vitamin D3 (GMP/COS)
 Vitamine B12 (FDA)
 Vinorelbine tartrate (FDA)